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Our company includes 50 tractor units, with an average age of 2.5 years, and 70 semi-trailers.
We have a large and modern fleet of tractor units and semi-trailers, we dedicate a very specific configuration according to the traffic and weights of the merchandise, to offer a very interesting tare in trucks in its segment.
We also have 3-axle tractor units, with EURO VI emission regulations and in which they contribute to reducing C02 emissions into the atmosphere, allowing as a whole to carry out transport under the 44TN regulations.


  • 3-axle tractors
  • Compressor for pressure unloads
  • Aluminum semi-trailers
  • Loss of trajectory and proximity sensors
  • Blind spot sensors
  • Tire pressure sensors
  • Loose nut detectors
  • European repair and maintenance contracts
  • EURO VI motorization systems


The trailers are equipped with EBS +, (anti-tip, electric brake control and electric height adjustment), the configurations are as follows:

  • 20’/25′ ultra light trailers equipped for liquids
  • 20′ ultra light trailers equipped for liquids
  • 20′ foot trailers for general load
  • 30′ feet trailers for liquids and dry bulk
  • Tilting trailers
  • Trailers for REEFER
  • Trailers extendable to 40 ‘, 45’ and 2×20 ‘feet


We have a GPS tracking system that allows our Traffic Department to analyze a multitude of data on each route in order to optimize the management of the fleet and deliveries.

The use of GPS technology fully integrated into our system allows us to know the exact location of our resources at all times. Orders, positions, alerts and messages are transmitted in real time between our traffic department and our vehicles.

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